What types of graph lattices are available?


What types of graph lattices are available when I use a graph lattice unit cell?




Simple cubic simple_cubic.jpg
Body-centered cubic body_centered_cubic.jpg
Face centered cubic faced_centered_cubic.jpg
Column column.jpg
Columns columns.jpg
Diamond diamond_unit.jpg
Fluorite fluorite.jpg
Octet octet.jpg
Truncated cube truncated_cube.jpg
Truncated Octahedron truncated_octahedron.jpg
Kelvin cell kelvin.jpg
Isotruss iso_truss.jpg
Re-entrant re_entrant.jpg
Weaire-Phelan waire_phelan.jpg
Triangular Honeycomb triangular_honeycomb_rotated.jpg
Triangular Honeycomb Rotated triangular_honeycomb.jpg
Hexagonal Honeycomb hexagonal_honeycomb.jpg
Re-entrant  Honeycomb reentrant_honeycomb.jpg
Square Honeycomb square_honeycomb_rotated.jpg
Square Honeycomb Rotated square_honeycomb.jpg
Face-Centered Cubic Foam face_centered_cubic_foam.jpg
Body-Centered Cubic Foam body_centered_cubic_foam.jpg
Simple Cubic Foam simple_cubic_foam.jpg
Hex Prism Diamond hex_prism_diamond.jpg
Hex Prism Edge hex_prism_edge.jpg
Hex Prism Vertex Centroid hex_prism_vertex_centroid.jpg
Hex Prism Central Axis Edge hex_prism_central_axis_edge.jpg
Hex Prism Laves Phases hex_prism_laves.jpg
Tet Oct Vertex Centroid tet_oct_vertex.jpg
Oct Vertex Centroid oct_vertex_centroid.jpg


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