How to generate random patterns on the surface of a part


There are many ways to generate random textures on the surface of an object with nTop. This tutorial explains a straightforward technique that allows you to map a random array of any shape on any part's surface. You can also perform this workflow using this technique. We suggest experimenting with each technique to find the best workflow for your application.

Applies to:

  • Surface texturing
  • Implicit modeling


  1. Start with any implicit body.
  2. Using the Mesh from Implicit Body block, create a surface mesh of your start part.
  3. Generate the points with Random Points on Mesh.
  4. Create an implicit body as the seed object to duplicate on the surface.
  5. Create a plane at the centroid of the seed object.
  6. Create a list of random planes using the list of random points.
  7. Use the Orient Object block to create the array of objects.


  1. Merge Meshes to join the list into a single object.
  2. Convert the merged mesh object to an implicit object.
  3. Utilize a Boolean operation to apply the texture to the part.


And that’s it! You’ve successfully generated a random pattern on the surface of the part! 

Download the Example file:

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