How to create a valency point map


Learn how to create a valency (number of beams per node) point map from a lattice and export the data. 

Applies to:

  • Exporting valency data


1. Start with your lattice 

To calculate this, you need to use one of the new lattice blocks. In this example, we are starting with a Voronoi Volume Lattice block. 

2. Extract the Property chips

    • Open up the Properties of the Voronoi Volume Lattice block
      • Expand the "beams" property
      • Expand the "> Properties" underneath the "beams"
      • Drag out the "end point valency" chip and the "end point" chip into the Notebook

Why are we using the end point values? You can use either the end points or the start points. Every unique node has the same valency, regardless if it is an endpoint or a start point. 


3. Create the Point Map

    • Add a Point Map block
      • Points: Insert the "End Points" chip
      • Values: Insert the "End Valency" chip

Now you can view the Point Map and toggle the upper and lower bounds. These values correspond to the number of connected beams at each node. 



4. Export the Point Map

To use this data in Excel or another program, add an Export Point Map block.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully created a valency point map

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Download the Example file:

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