How to generate randomized lattice thickness


Learn how to create a variable lattice thickness driven by 3D Simplex Noise in a Ramp. This technique is useful for creating Stochastic foam. 


1. Start with any Implicit Body.

2. Add a Ramp to use as a thickness modifier.

    • In the Scalar Field of the Ramp, add Simplex Noise 3D.
      • Change the frequency to vary the thickness.
    • Set the Ramp values:
      • In Min: -0.5, In Max: 0.75.
      • Out Min: 0.17 mm, Out Max: 0.8 mm (right-click on the Out Min and Out Max input names to turn them into variables, allowing you to easily change the beam thickness).


3. Add a Voronoi Volume Lattice. 

  • Seed points: Random Points in a Body.
  • Thickness: Ramp created from the above step.


4. Add a Trim Lattice.

    • Voronoi lattice: Voronoi Lattice.
    • Volume: Implicit Body.
    • Lattice to remain: Inside.
    • Feature tolerance: 0.1mm.



And that’s it! You’ve successfully created a lattice with a randomized beam thickness

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Download the Example file:

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