How to create multiple lattice designs using lists


Learn how to create multiple lattice designs at the same time with lists. 


1. Create a list of numbers.

    • Add a Sequence block. This block creates a list of numbers that increment by a constant amount.
      • Start: 0 mm
      • Increment: 12 mm
      • Count: 6


2. Create an array of points. 

    • Add a Point List block
      • Insert the Sequence block into the X input of the Point List. This creates a point at each spot specified in the sequence.

3. Create volumes.

    • Add a Box block
      • Insert the Point List block into the Center Point input. This creates an object at each point.


4. Fill the boxes with a lattice.

    • Add a Volume Lattice block
      • Insert the Box List into the Volume input. By default, this fills each box with the same lattice. In order to fill each box with a different lattice, we need to use the Volumetric Rule List block and select six lattices.
      • Insert a Volumetric Rule List into the Unit type input. Choose 6 different lattices to iterate the box design


And that’s it! You’ve successfully created multiple lattices on your design using lists

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Download the Example file:

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