How to export a mesh and lattice to 3MF format


Learn how to set up a part for exporting to 3MF. Once in 3MF, the part can be easily opened in programs like Materialize Magics. The 3MF Export block accepts a mesh of the non-lattice regions of the part, along with the option to add a lattice or a thickened lattice. If a lattice without a thickness is used, the block will automatically apply a 1mm thickness to all beams. Only beam-based lattices are supported for 3MF lattice export, so face-based lattices like hexagonal honeycomb cannot be used.

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  • Meshing
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In this example, we export a wrench with a lattice infill. Instead of boolean unioning the two parts together, we keep them as separate types. The 3MF Container will combine them when we export it. We start out with an Implicit body and a thickened lattice. Download the file here to follow along. 


1. Convert Main Body to Mesh format

Convert the main body of your part to a mesh format. Use the Mesh from Implicit Body block and set an appropriate feature size. If your part is more complex, you may need to run further meshing operations to capture all the details. 


2. Keep the Lattice Format

Drag and drop the Thick Graph property chip from the Trim Lattice block.

Note: The 3MF format can't import surface lattices. Only beam lattices work with this method.

3. Add 'Export 3MF' block

Insert an Export 3MF block. Drag the Thick Graph and the Mesh block into the inputs. Set the units, choose a file path, and your part is exported. 


4. Further Processing

Now that we've exported our part, we can open it up in a program like Materialize Magics. In the current version of Magics 24.01, the graph of the beams is visualized, but not the thickness. However, when you slice the lattice, you will see that the beam thickness is accurately represented in the slices. To see the thickened slices, use the 'Official Machine' build space and not the 'Magics Default' build space. 

Supports can be added to the mesh, and the lattice beams in Magics support generation modules and then sent to build processors.


And that’s it! You’ve successfully exported your part using the 3MF file type

Are you still having issues? Contact the support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

Download the Example file:

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