An unexpected error occurs upon opening files.


When opening a file, the software displays the error "nTop encountered an unexpected error processing the file." Files with a size of 0 kb usually mean the data is corrupt.


Applies to:

  • nTop


This error generally occurs due to the software unexpectedly exiting during the Save process.


Regrettably, a file size of 0 kb usually means the data is corrupt.  We cannot restore the file. The best suggestion is to check the Autosave folder for a backup copy. 

  1. Open nTop
  2. Go to File > Settings
  3. On the left side, click File Backup.
  4. Check the box to make sure Autosave is active.
  5. Next to the Autosave folder, click the icon to browse to the backup directory.

We can potentially restore files with a size larger than 0 kb. Contact support with the problematic file and report any useful details.

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