Can I scale my model non-uniformly?


How do I scale a model by different factors in X, Y, Z? The Scale Object block only allows for uniform scaling. 

How do I scale my part using a Ramp?



Instead of using the Scale Object block, use the Remap Scale Body block. This block allows you to scale the object differently in each direction. 


This block is also a Toolkit, which is a combination of blocks. If you want to see how it runs, for curiosity's sake, right-click on it and select 'Export Block'. Then, open it back up in nTop to see how it is built.

With a Ramp:

Use the Remap Field block. You can read more on using that block here: Introduction to the Remap Field block

Use this setup for each direction you want to scale in:

    • Multiply (to shrink) or Divide (to expand)
      • Operand A: X, Y, or Z
      • Operand B: Ramp
        • Out min and Out max are the scale values.


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