How do I use the Mirror FE Mesh block?


I want to speed up the meshing process by mirroring an FE Mesh. How can I do this?

Applies to:

  • Simulation
  • Topology Optimization


This block mirrors an existing FE Mesh to cut down processing time for parts that are symmetrical.

To use the Mirror FE Mesh block:

1. Cut your part in half.

    • Use the Boolean Subtract block with your part and a Plane for the parting line. This cuts your part at the Plane.


2. Create an FE Volume Mesh of the half part (this takes less processing time as compared to the full part).

3. Add a Mirror FE Mesh block.

    • Insert the FE Volume Mesh
    • Add a Plane at the parting line (use the plane that was used to cut your part).
    • Select Merge.


Download the Example File:

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