Error Saving Project - This project could not be saved


My file is taking a long time to save.

When I try to save my file, I get the error: "Error Saving Project - This project could not be saved".

Applies to:

  • nTop 2.28


We are currently investigating the cause of this error, but it may be due to saving on a shared network drive. 


We are still investigating this issue, but if this error happens, we recommend trying to save your file on the Desktop. If you are unable to do so, you may need to re-do the file or open it from a backup save (turned on in Settings). 

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  • This problem has become recurring nightmare for me. I'll be diligently saving a project as I go, but if the error comes up seemingly randomly, not only can I no longer save to any location as a new file, but the file I was working from and previously saved is wiped out as well. I no longer trust the save function of this program and have begun saving only new files, making small changes, and saving again. This issue is causing huge wastes of time.


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