How to export variables in CSV format from Ansys CFD Post


Learn how to generate and export a variable from Ansys CFD Post in CSV format to import into nTop.

Applies to:

  • ANSYS CFD Post
  • Importing


With Ansys CFD Post Open:

1. File > Export > Export...

2. Options: Define desired inputs, the primary three are:

    • Set file path and name
    • Location (i.e. Named Selection(s))
    • Variable(s)

      Image #1: Export Window, Options Tab

3. Formatting

      • Vector Variables
        • Components (i.e. vector) or Scalar
      • Separator
        • Ensure that Include Header is turned off, this will allow nTop's Import Scalar Point Map or Import Vector Point Map blocks to read in the CSV file

          Image #2: Export Window, Formatting Tab

4. Click Save

Video GIF:

The GIF below shows the steps described above.


That should do it! If you followed the steps above you should have a CSV ready to import into nTop!

If you still have questions the support team would be happy to help you.

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