How to convert CAD sketches into lattices


Convert imported CAD sketches into lattices.

Applies to:

  • Graph Lattices
  • Custom Graph Unit Cell


1. Start by importing your CAD sketch

    • nTop imports all CAD sketches as a 'Curve' type.

Note: If your part only has sketches without any models, it may appear blank in the graphic window. To access the curves, open up the properties and drag out the Curves chip.




2. Convert the Curves into Line Segments

This step uses a Custom Block designed by Olaf Diegel, a Professor of Additive Manufacturing at the University of Auckland. It is an excellent method of converting sketches into line segments.

The custom block uses the Equidistant Points on a Curve block to add a point at the end of each curve. The Line Segment block converts these points into line segments.

When the Increment input is longer than the curve, it adds the points at the ends of the curve. You can download this Custom Block here (shown below).


    • Input the curves chip from Step 1 into the Curve input in the Custom Block.

Update: If you want to convert curved CAD sketches, use Version 2 of the Custom Block. This version builds a Curve using the Line Segments. Download the Custom Block to take a closer look.


3. Convert Line Segments into a Graph Lattice

Now we need to convert our line segments into a lattice type. The best method for this is using the Graph from Line Segments block.


    • Input the block from Step 2 into this Custom Block. 

And that’s it! You’ve successfully converted your sketch into a lattice type


From here, there are several options on what you can do with your lattice. One option is turning the lattice into a Custom Implicit Unit Cell (How to build a custom lattice unit cell).


Are you still having issues? Contact the support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

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