How to map a bitmap onto a CAD face


Apply a bitmap onto a CAD face.

Applies to:

  • Texturing
  • Debossing


1. Import the image using the Import Bitmap block. (What are beta blocks?)

2. Import the CAD Part using the Import Part block.

3. Use the Cell Map on CAD Face block to prepare the CAD Face you wish to apply the bitmap on.

3. Import the custom block (Place Image using Cell Map) attached below:

4. Use the Place Image using Cell Map block.

    • Drag and drop the bitmap from the Import Bitmap block.
    • Cell Map input is the one prepared in the third step.
    • Choose the appropriate Scale, Angle, Aspect Adjustment, and Interpolation type.

5. Set up the CAD body using the Implicit Body from CAD Body block.

6. Use a combination of Offset Body and Multiply block to deboss the image.

7. Use Set Body Bounding Box to view your final implicit.


And that’s it! You’ve successfully debossed an image onto a CAD face

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Download the Example file:

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