Understanding the lattice data types


Learn about the new lattice data types.

Applies to:

  • nTop 3.26+


With the release of nTop 3.26, we've updated our Lattice Data Types. These updates include a new name change that won't affect your work due to our backward compatibility. 

The new data type names are:



Thick Lattice Thick Graph
Lattice Graph
Lattice Body Lattice


The Graph type is still accessible to you. You can find the property chip in the Property panel of a lattice block.

    • If you expand the 'thick graph' property, you can find the 'graph' property. This property will work with the deprecated lattice blocks. To use this property, drag it from the Properties panel into the Notebook or a block input.


    • Expand the graph property to see properties on valencies, edge counts, and more.


Why the change?

    • We renamed them to better describe what the type represents and its functionality.
    • We wanted to eliminate the confusion between Lattice and Lattice Body.
    • In the new lattice technology, there is the same underlying workflow for lattice creation, regardless if you’re using Graph, TPMS, or custom implicit Unit Cells. Consolidating all of this under the same data type gives us the necessary foundation for what we’re building next.

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