How to curve a gyroid?


How to curve a gyroid?

Applies to:

  • Remap Field
  • Gyroid
  • Lattice


This article uses a Remap Field to create our desired outcome. If you are new to using Remap, start with the following resources:

1. Start with the CAD Part in which you would like to curve the Gyroid (How to import parts and data into nTop)


2. Select faces of each side of the channel to create a face list and use the Stitch CAD Surface Bodies block to stitch them together.


3. The CAD's faces are then converted to an implicit using the Implicit Body from CAD Body block by dragging and dropping the [0] body from the properties of each Stitch CAD Surface Bodies block.


4. Each Implicit Body is used in the equation (S1-S2)/(S1+S2). This is later multiplied by the width of the structure in the y-direction.


5. Design a Rectangular Volume Lattice that can be used to trim down to the Curvy Gyroid. (How to create a periodic lattice)


6. Remap field block is used to manipulate the direction of the TPMS. In this case, we only want to manipulate the TPMS in the Y-direction.


7. Boolean Intersect the obtained lattice structure with the initial CAD geometry.


Example file:

Example File

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