Quadrangulate mesh fails when meshing my lattice


The Quadrangulate Mesh block stops at 50% or fails when meshing lattice structures.

Applies to:

  • nTop
  • Export Part
  • CAD Body from Mesh (3.17 CAD Body from Quad Mesh)


The Quadrangulate Mesh block isn't meant for lattice conversion. With lattices being so complex, the Quad mesh will try to run but most likely get stuck or fail. The Quadrangulate Mesh block was designed to use with Topology Optimization workflows.


The Quadrangulate Mesh block isn't part of the recommended lattice to CAD conversion workflow with our recent addition of the CAD Body from Implicit Body (Beta) block. This block is capable of converting low to medium complexity lattice structures to CAD Bodies, which can then be exported using the Export Part block. For more information, we recommend following procedure 2 of this article. If you are trying to export a high complexity lattice as a CAD part, check out this article on the Simplified Body Representation block.

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