How can I vary the cell size of a Voronoi surface lattice?


  • What parameters allow me to vary the cell size of a Voronoi Surface Lattice?
  • How can I vary the cell to change along the length of my part?


To create a Voronoi Surface Lattice, we usually use the block Random Points on Mesh. This block has the input 'Spatial Weighting'. Adding a Ramp to this input will allow you to change the spacing between the points. Changing the spacing then affects the cells of the Voronoi lattice. Check out the image below to see the example. 

Tip: Make sure your mesh is Remeshed (Remesh Surface) to allow an optimal surface for creating and ramping points. If it isn't remeshed, your Ramp won't work as you expect it to since the Random Points are dealing with a tougher mesh surface. 


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