How to calculate the average valency for a lattice


Learn how to calculate the average valency for a lattice


1. Create your lattice

To calculate this, you need to use one of the new Beta lattice blocks. In this example, we are starting with a Voronoi Volume Lattice block. 


2. Extract the Property chips

    • Open up the Properties of the Voronoi Volume Lattice block by clicking the question mark icon.
      • Expand the "Lattice" property and then expand the "beams"
      • Expand the "> Properties" chevron underneath the "beams"
      • Drag out the "end point valency" chip and the "start point valency chip" into the Notebook section.



3. Combine the Lists

    • Add a Concatenate List block 
      • Insert the two property chips, "end point valency" and "start point valency", into the inputs


4. Calculate the Average

    • Add an Average block
      • Delete the auto-populated list
      • Insert the Concatenate List block
      • Select the Overload to change the type to Scalar List
      • The average valency now appears at the top right of the block



And that’s it! You’ve successfully calculated the average valency of your lattice

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Download the Example file:

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