Why can't I create a conformal lattice from stitched CAD faces?


Can I create a continuous isogrid over multiple CAD surfaces?

Can I UV map continuously over multiple CAD surfaces?

Why can't I create a conformal lattice from multiple CAD faces?

Applies to:

  • Conformal Lattice from CAD Face or Cell Map from CAD Face
  • Conformal Lattice between CAD Faces or Cell Map between CAD Faces


This is a current limitation in the program today that we are working on. Due to this, we are unable to reparameterize multiple CAD faces that are stitched together. Each face needs to be reparameterized individually. Due to this, Conformal Lattice from CAD Face or Conformal Lattice between CAD Face blocks won't accept Stitched CAD Faces.


The Conformal Lattice from CAD Face block now accepts CAD Face Lists. This enables you to use multiple CAD Faces in your lattice.


If possible, the best route is to re-create the CAD surface as a single CAD patch in the software it was created in. The next best approach is to reparameterize each face individually. This results in different UVW divisions for each face. 

If the CAD face approach is still not working, we suggest checking out the Cell Map from Quad Mesh approach. 

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