Can I change the phase of my TPMS part?


Can I change the phase of my TPMS part?


You can change the phase of your TPMS or Walled TPMS part by creating a large TPMS and trimming it with a primitive or the part you want to be infilled.

    • Method 1: Adjust the Frame
      • Edit the Frame origin of the Cell Map or in the Volume Lattice blocks to adjust the period/phase of the TPMS unit cell.



    • Method 2: Use Trim Lattice or Boolean Intersect
      • Create a Cube that is the size you want your lattice to be (you can also use any object).
      • Add a Trim Lattice block to trim the TPMS to your desired phase.
        • You can also do this with a Boolean Intersect block.


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