How to slice by tiers


If you encounter issues using the Slice Body block, learn how to use the Custom Block, Slice by Tiers, to create your slices. This custom block breaks down the Slice Body block into multiple tiers. It exports a single tier of slices at the correct Z-reference height in CLI format. 

Applies to:

  • Slice Body
  • Crash during slicing
  • Running out of memory while slicing


1. Import the custom block CLI Slice Body by Tiers attached below.


2.  The inputs for the CLI Slice Body by Tiers are similar to that of the Slice Body block. 


  • Body:  Implicit Body to slice
  • Slice Height:  Spacing between slice layers
  • Slices Per Tier: Total height/Number of Tiers
  • Slice feature size: Minimum feature size to accurately capture details
  • Tier Number for Export: List of numbers for iterating all the tiers one after another

3. Use the Sequence block to obtain the list with an increment of 1.


  • Export Path: File path for export

Note: The 'Include negative Z' is checked on by default and the default 'Frame' selected for this block is X-axis 1,0,0 and Y-axis 0,1,0 with the bounding box centroid as the origin.


4. Import and Merge Slices: If you wish to merge the slice stacks.

Use the Import Slice Stack block to get the slices back. This block has one input of 'Path'. We use Concatenate Text to import all the slice tiers together.

The 'Export Path Text' and 'Rounded Sequence' with .cli is the name format all the files are saved in. We reproduce the same with the Text blocks.

The slice stacks are merged using the Merge Slice Stacks block that can be exported out using the Export Slices to CLI block.


And that’s it! You’ve successfully sliced by tiers.

Are you still having issues? Contact the support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

Download the Example file:

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