How to warp a cell map using fields


Learn how to warp a Cell Map using a field.

Applies to:

  • Lattices
  • Warp Cell Map (Beta) To turn on Beta blocks, go to File > Settings and check the 'Show Beta Blocks' box. 
  • nTop 3.14.3


1. Preparing the field to warp the cell map: 

Point Maps can be used as fields with the Field from Point Map block.


Another method is to obtain the field by dragging and dropping the chip from the properties menu.


2. Set up the Ramp: Add a Ramp block (How do I use the Ramp block?)

  • Scalar field: Set Field Bounding Box
    • Scalar field: Density Field
    • Bounding box: Bounding Box of the Body created from Topology Optimization Result
  • In min: 0
  • In max: 1 
    • These values are set based on the field that is used as input and can be obtained on HUD.
  • Out min: 0.5
  • Out max: 2
    • The values here are the scaling factors for the cell size.
  • Contunuity: Geometric (C0)


3. Create your base Cell Map: This is the cell map that we are warping.

  • Add a Rectangular Cell Map block (in this example, we use the Rectangular Cell Map block, but you can use whichever cell map you prefer)
    • Volume: In this example, we are trying to create a lattice structure using the topology optimized body. Add a Smoothen Body and Implicit Body from Topology Optimization.
    • Cell size: 5,5,5

Tip: To learn more about converting the result into implicit body follow the instructions here (How to run a topology optimization)

4. Warp Cell Map:

  • Cell Map: Base Cell Map
  • Discretization: 100,100,100 
    • We choose a bigger number here for the grid size to increase the details that could be captured from sizing fields.
  • U, V, W scale: Ramp



Download the Example file:

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