How to measure surface roughness


The custom block measures the surface roughness value with the parameters average, root mean square, skewness, and kurtosis (Ra, Rq, R_sk, R_ku).

Applies to:

  • Texturing
  • Surface Roughness


This article uses a Custom Block to create our desired outcome. If you are new to using Custom Blocks, learn how to import, modify, and update them with the following resources:

1. Generate surface texture: Surface textures have many applications, from aesthetic effects to increasing mechanical grip or decreasing aerodynamic drag. The required geometries can be challenging to draw manually and even more challenging to scale and conform around complex parts. These articles can help you apply surface texture to your model:

2. Import the Surface Analysis V1 - CB:


  • Implicit body: The implicit body that has surface texture/roughness on it.
  • CAD face: The base CAD face you wish to calculate the roughness on.
  • Point count: This is the number of random points generated on the selected CAD face to calculate the roughness value.
  • Parameter: Average, Root Mean Square, Skewness, and Kurtosis.

3. Fill in with inputs, and the roughness value is shown on the top right corner of the Custom Block.



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